About EPL

A new kind of knowledge-driven firm, combining diverse disciplines and expertise with an unwavering commitment to elevate perspective, drive clarity, unlock potential, and accelerate your venture forward.

We understand talent. We know startups. We understand the need for corporate leaders to think and act more entrepreneurially in today's dynamic global environment. Our services and solutions strengthen entrepreneurial readiness, fit, and performance across the full spectrum of a venture’s life cycle – from seed idea to helping deliver value and growth in global organizations. We bring broad consulting capabilities (including a global network of seasoned affiliates), a growing suite of proprietary products and methodologies, and a commitment to research and thought leadership that drive value and performance throughout the global entrepreneurial community.

Our clients include aspiring entrepreneurs and students, active founders and founding teams, venture investors, entrepreneurship educators, M&A sponsors, and corporate growth leaders and innovators. We customize our solutions to address client needs, goals, and dreams, while bringing fresh perspectives and approaches to the problems they face.

Our Focus Areas


Unlocking performance begins with understanding strengths, opportunities, and motivators within a clear business context. Our practitioners have assessed hundreds of entrepreneurs, global executives, teams, and ventures using our proprietary tools and methodologies. These include:

  • ECCP (Entrepreneur Core Characteristics Profile) – A measure of 11 personal qualities associated with entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • MAT (Motivational Alignment Tool) - A novel tool for surfacing and clarifying a person’s or a team’s entrepreneurial motivators, along with key implications.
  • GLA (Growth Leadership Assessment) – A comprehensive multi-method talent assessment filtered through an entrepreneurial framework.
  • VRA (Venture Readiness Assessment) – Assesses a venture’s Readiness Index Score along 4 critical dimensions: Founder, Market, Math, and Execution.


Great ideas deserve great founders, leaders and teams – always learning, improving and seeking the next level. Our development solutions meet this need through tailored programs and platforms powered by compelling, research-driven content, as well as coaching and ongoing customized support to expand and deepen each client’s entrepreneurial capacity.

We partner with leading global consultancies to deliver tailored modules in corporate settings. These offerings can stand alone or enhance a broader development process.


We bring decades of consulting expertise aimed at helping our clients to uncover root challenges and opportunities, and to implement creative and effective solutions for breakthrough performance and healthy growth. At the venture, investor, and founder levels, we provide consulting and advisory support using EPL’s proprietary, research-based tools and growth models. View Sample.

We also work with corporate clients to help them design and scale solutions unique to their organization’s needs and circumstances — whether strengthening company-wide entrepreneurial capability and culture for competitive advantage, or helping a senior management team gain perspective and clarity related to healthy growth and innovation.


Steeped in a background of curiosity and research, we stay on the forefront of the science underlying venture performance and acceleration. Our team are thought leaders in the industry and provide a relevant and helpful point of view on what helps our clients perform at their best.

We’ve authored books and white papers, published tools and applicable frameworks, and spoken regularly at venues such as SHRM, SIOP, SXSW, Lean Startup Conference, and leading business schools. Areas of research interest include:

  • Entrepreneurial Talent in Corporations
  • Founder Readiness, Fit, and Performance
  • Venture Resilience
  • Entrepreneurial Motivation
  • Entrepreneurship Education – Student Needs, Impact, etc.

Our Team

Our experience, insights, and approach reflect our background across a variety of distinct yet connected disciplines:  psychometrics and assessment, global leadership and talent development, corporate and business strategy, venture launch and expansion, startup investment, and academia. Most importantly, we share a collective passion to aid others in unlocking and bringing their absolute best to their ideas, ventures, and lives.

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Our Clients

Organizations and brands we have worked with include:

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